AfricAgir is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to improving economic conditions for West Africans. We believe in empowering individuals to become self-sufficient earners. These heads of families can provide for the next generation and break the cycle of poverty for sustainable change.

AfricAgir's name comes from the French verb, "to act." We connect motivated men and women with the education and grants needed to turn simple skills such as sewing into viable businesses. We help parents get off the street, build families, and build a brighter future for West Africa.

Heartbreak in West Africa

In the past decade, thousands of West African men and women have drowned in the Atlantic or Mediterranean Sea while trying to migrate to Europe to escape dire poverty in their homeland. Per year, roughly 30,000 Africans try to reach the Canary Islands, a prime transit point to Europe, in more than 900 boats.


Yacine Ba's Sewing Business

Growing up handicapped in Dakar, I was friends with other disabled children. Despite my physical handicap, I had the opportunity to go to school because my parents could afford to send me, and I lost touch with my friends. Years later, as I was on my way to college, I met a few of my old friends again...begging in the streets.


Make a Difference

Your tax-deductible donation to AfricAgir will go directly toward the purchase of items such as sewing machines, raw materials, and computers - supplies that our in-country programs will use to grow businesses and create jobs - or our educational programs abroad. You can now donate online to AfricAgir through our secure site.